7 mei  9.00 uur  Childspace  Tjitske de Boer  zie
7 mei  11.00 uur Bewustwording door beweging groepsles  Tjitske de Boer
10 mei  19.30 uur Bewustwording door beweging  Katheline Rotte

adres:  1e Atjehstraat 2     3531 SK Utrecht

aanmelden gewenst via contact formulier of sms 06 20509603

ivm de Verjaardag van Moshe Feldenkrais worden er wereldwijd gratis lessen gegeven

When someone asks us what Feldenkrais is we can say:
M-moving with awareness
O- opens opportunity to observe movement options
S-sensing, slowing down
H-have pauses when you meet your habits
E-enhance connection wishing yourselfF-feeling the feedback of the floor/the flow of the movement
E-exploring, experiencing and engaging the entire self
L-learning to listen within yourself
D-discerning, discovering what makes a difference
E-encounter yourself in unusual positions
N-noticing novel nuances, negotiating with body parts
K-keep being curious and playful
R-respect your range of motion, rest when you need
A-adjust your movement, appreciate what you’ve done and apply it
I-in your way of action, using the
S-support of your skeleton
Something for Moshe’s birthday, and as gratitude he freed us from slavery/habits….
By Yael Karo 14 april ’16
Childspace practicioner  and almost Feldenkrais practicioner

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